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Obsessive fannish nature runs in my family, but when my Mum rang me and started going on and on about Red Priest I did a lot of uhuh, mmm, yeah because the last time she was obsessed with something musical it was PDQ Bach, which I didn’t really like. Also, recorder players in leather pants? But when I was there for her Birthday, we were setting up the party and she put this on and I was just blown away. The tongueing is incredible, the whole thing is amazing, just musically unf. The album ‘Johann, I’m only dancing’ is AMAZING.

I played recorder until around grade 5 (musical grade, I quit when I was in year 9). Its an underrated instrument associated with children today, but for a lot of early music’s history it was THE instrument. Its very easy to play badly, you have to be very skilled to play well.

I’m going to see them this afternoon in Teesside. I am pretty fucking excited.

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